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Giulia Ber Tacchini is an Italian fashion designer specialized in luxury accessories and innovative material research.

Since the beginning of her career, she has always been a forward-thinking creator, pushing the boundaries of design through the merge of tradition and innovation.

Giulia is always passionate about the heritage of craftsmanship. She has been using the most traditional and precious techniques on all her products.
At the same time, she kept exploring new materials and applications, which pioneering new technologies and processes. Her special approach to design creates a new aesthetic language.


Until now, her design studio has acquired a wide list of prestigious clients and brands. In the latest years, she focused her work on the fields of sustainable fashion design.

In 2017 she launched MAISSA, her personal brand with the combination of high-quality Italian craftworks and the technology of 3D printing. Her brand has a focus on the use of sustainable materials and upcycling/recycling production methods.

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